Picking up our discussion from Monday, where does a studio notebook come in? source A studio notebook is kind of the perfect mashup of sketchbook and commonplace book. I think that's why I've been using one even before I knew what commonplace books were. I do a lot of writing in my studio notebooks, so they don't feel like sketchbooks. And actually, I think I get why it works for me now! source Here's how a studio notebook can incorporate elements of both a sketchbook and a commonplace book: Documentation and Reflection: Like a commonplace book, a studio notebook can... Read more →

On Saturday I spent a super fast (time flies when you're having fun) four hours with a lovely group of artists in my Collage Faces class. I would say about a quarter of the class is attending live and the rest are watching the replay. That's the wonderful thing about Zoom. It's so flexible! Plus, I think the message board and ability to share images and ask questions between classes makes it feel like you don't have to watch live. For class number two, we focused on the structure of the basic pleasing face and how to construct it out... Read more →

For today's studio visit, I'm sharing a bit about my approach to making art with my three-year-old. It's worth noting that every child is unique, and what works for us may not work for others. Each child has their own preferences, interests, and developmental stages. So, I always pay attention to my son's cues and adapt our art-making experiences accordingly. Here are the basic ideas from the video: Thoughtfully choosing tools and materials: By providing your child with tools and materials that are easy for them to handle, you're setting them up for success. This could include paintbrushes, crayons, markers,... Read more →

As soon as I fell in love with the concept of commonplace books, I knew that I had to figure out how I could use one as an artist. While a commonplace book is typically associated with writers and thinkers, there are various ways in which a visual artist can use a commonplace book to enhance their creative process. source Here are a few ideas: Inspiration and Reference Collection: Artists often gather inspiration from various sources. A commonplace book can serve as a repository for collecting visual references, ideas, and images that spark your imagination. You can include sketches, photographs,... Read more →

I have a new obsession: commonplace books! source I accidentally stumbled upon them while researching Morning Pages. And I'm in love! What are commonplace books? I'm so happy that you asked! source A commonplace book is a personal compilation of knowledge, ideas, quotations, and observations collected by an individual. It is a notebook or journal where one gathers and organizes information from various sources for future reference and reflection. They are more like a database than a diary. In the past many people used commonplace books as a way to order their ideas and make them easy to refer back... Read more →

There's an awkward space between the stairs and the wall in my art studio. After some thought, I decided to turn it into a cozy little nook for my son. I've filled the space with pillows and hanging baskets with toys, books, snacks, and more. It's a place that he can call his own when he comes up to the attic. IMHO, decorating a special kid-dedicated space is about nurturing -- providing him with a sense of ownership, independence, and confidence. He knows that Mommy has rules about her space and art supplies, but this is a little nook where... Read more →

May has been a notable month. Let's talk about it: Notable Family Event We took, not one, but TWO family road trips this month. I'd love to share all 12,000 photos with you, but instead I'll share this sweet snap of me and my three-year-old at his first bar mitzvah: Due to COVID, this little guy has barely been anywhere. We are finally taking him out in the world and I love it! He's super social and loves to dance all night! Who knew?! Notable Personal Event I attended my twenty-fifth college reunion. I was feeling nervous about the whole... Read more →

It's no secret that I loooooove my gull wing drying rack. It's such an efficient way to air-dry my collage papers. It offers great value for the money, folds up flat, and means that I'm not constantly elbow deep in wet papers. I put together a short video all about it. Plus, take a peek through my collage papers and hear my thoughts on them: You'll note that in the video I chat a bit about the kinds of collage papers I like to make. This is something that I'm currently covering extensively in my Collage Faces class. In essentials,... Read more →

Can you believe that it has been three months since we started The Artist's Way journey?! Speaking frankly, I'm delighted to be done with the book. If not for Book Club, I would have chucked the book ages ago. But, I'm glad I kept up. Here are the final three chapters of the book and a wrap-up: And after three months I can say...I don't feel like a better artist. I do feel a bit burned out by the book. Julia Cameron asks for a 1-2 hour commitment every day for twelve weeks. That's a lot. And I didn't fulfill... Read more →

This weekend I spent a wonderful four hours with a lovely group of artists in my Collage Faces class. I would say half the class is attending live and half are watching the replay. That's the wonderful thing about Zoom. It's so flexible! As I'm sure you know, the process of creating a painted paper collage begins with the application of paint onto different types of paper, such as tissue paper, handmade paper, or even recycled materials. Once the painted papers have dried, they are cut into shapes and sizes, often using scissors or craft knives, and then carefully arranged... Read more →