100 15 Minute Balzer Faces

I need a good talking to. I'm thinking of doing The 100 Day Project again. It starts on April 2 (next week). If you don't know, the premise of The 100 Day Project is simple: Do some act every day for 100 days and post it online. I chose the quote above for this blog post because I think it's at the heart of #the100dayproject. Small steps every day to become better at some act you choose. And that is soooo me! I love practicing and getting better and working on my skills. But, it's also such a drag and... Read more →

I made it to 100. I made it kicking and screaming, but I made it. Some thoughts: I'm proud of myself. Really really proud of myself. There wasn't a single day that I let this project drop. For 100 consecutive days I challenged myself to make a face and film the process. In hotel rooms, on set, at home, during sick days, when I didn't want to, when I was out of ideas, at 11:30pm -- all of those days, I made it happen. I'm so glad it's over. I still love faces. I still love creating things. I still... Read more →

Today's podcast is all about The 100 Day Project, classes I'm teaching, and visiting NYC (Fancy Food Show, YouTube Space, MoMA and getting my hair cut). If you do not see the podcast player above, please click on this link. You can listen to a podcast anywhere and at any time. It is a recording that is available to you whenever you'd like to listen. If you'd like to download it to your iTunes library, click here. You can also pause and rewind or fast forward as you desire. I like to listen to podcasts while I'm making art. It's... Read more →

I definitely can feel that I'm in the home stretch with this project. Some thoughts at the moment: It's actually AMAZING what you can get done in just 15 minutes. For many years I've been an advocate of dedicating 10 minutes a day to your art journal. I am often met by skepticism. How much can you do in 10 measly minutes?! But, the answer is a lot! I'm really glad that I pushed through my desire to quit (and thank you to all of you who encouraged me to continue). I don't have a problem with quitting. If something... Read more →

Who knew that 100 days was so long?! Some thoughts at the moment: This project is killing me. I have seriously thought about quitting it every single day for the past week. I've come so far and yet 100 days is still so far far away. My reasons for wanting to quit have nothing to do with creating a face every single day. Rather, it has to do with the performative aspects of posting a face every single day. Posting so much unfinished and not necessarily "good" art has been tough. Tougher than I would have thought it would be.... Read more →

ONE DAY FLASH SALE: Buy two original works of art in the next twenty-four hours and save 25% ON BOTH!!! USE THE CODE: ONEDAYJUNE More than half-way through this project and I only seriously thought about quitting once. I think that's pretty good. More thoughts at the moment: I get into a technique or an idea and I feel like I could explore that one idea for a long while. Probably means I'm due for a series. I definitely feel like I'm getting better at creating faces. I use a reference image about one-third of the time. The rest of... Read more →

Continuing my way through this 100 Day Project of creating a face every single day in about 15 minutes. Here are my thoughts at the moment -- almost half way through: I have pretty much committed to creating my face first thing every morning. This commitment ensures that it's off my to do list right away and doesn't loom over me throughout the day. Even though this is a fun project, committing to an every day project requires discipline. I'm loving the faces more and more as I go on with this project. I think it's because I'm being forced... Read more →

More than one third of the way through this 100 Day Project of creating a face every single day. Here are my thoughts at the moment: I'm about to hit the road for three weeks and trying to decide which supplies to bring to create my daily faces. I wonder what creating on the road will be like? I'm enjoying experimenting with different mediums -- watercolor, oil pastel, markers, acrylic paint, and more! I can really see the difference in the faces when I use a reference image and when I don't. The ones with a reference image look more... Read more →

More than one quarter of the way through this 100 Day Project of creating a face every single day. Here are my thoughts at the moment: I have a great desire to stick with one method of creating a try a million variations on that idea, but I don't because I feel like "people might get bored." This is the problem with doing art exercises in public. I know that I shouldn't worry about "what people think" but this project does feel somewhat performative. The bullet point above makes me think that perhaps I should do some "just for me"... Read more →

I am sixteen days into this 100 Day Project of creating a face every single day. Here are my thoughts at the moment: I never said that doing a video was part of the project, but so far it has been. Can I keep it up? I never dictated that I would work in a particular size, but so far -- except for one piece -- they've all been 8.5x11. Perhaps because that's what has been handy? I like that I never seem to run out of ideas. Faces can be constructed out of so many things in so many... Read more →