100 Days of Art Botanical

We are 22 days into The 100 Day Project. Just 78 more to go! You may recall from my previous 100 Day Project post that I have been smushing together my #100DaysofArtBotanical with #februllage. I gave it a good try... ...but I was really struggling with the mashup. I wasn't enjoying the process or liking the results, so I gave it up and tried some new things. And then I floundered some more. And then I found my way! Yay! I decided to commit to creating the next 30 days of my 100 Day Project in this small junk journal... Read more →

We are 10 days into The 100 Day Project. As I mentioned before, I have been smushing together my #100DaysofArtBotanical with #februllage and I'm not sure that it's working for me. I'll show you what I've done and then I'll talk about why I'm feeling a bit unsure about this mash up. This was my first day, before #februllage started -- so it's the only piece without collage: Starting with this next piece, all of these contain collage and are in response to the daily prompts: Let's talk about these pieces. The good: I said that I wanted to try... Read more →