Take Some Art With You
Little By Little...

Racing The Clock...

It's 1am and my back aches. My eyes are dry and I'm starting to become very conscious of my contacts. I think I've been sitting at the sewing machine for too long! Empire Quilters, my local quilt guild, is having a show in March ("Urban Inspirations"). Since I've only been quilting for a year, I don't have a body of work. I've given away the few quilts I've made. So, I'm desperately trying to make at least one (and hopefully two) quilts by the deadline for entry (Saturday).


I thought I'd share this photo of my work in progress. I'm currently working on a quilt with the working title: "The Sum Is Greater Than The Parts." It's a collection of tiny art quilts -- each one about me and my life. Alone, each piece doesn't provide much information. Together, they form a much clearer picture. In the picture above, I've cut a photo of myself into three slices (eyes, nose and lips). Hopefully, I'll get it all finished by Saturday! Keep your fingers crossed!