Merry Christmas!
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Take Some Art With You

When we left for vacation last week, I packed a small traveling art box: watercolor paints (I prefer tubes to cakes), 2 water brushes, a dye based ink pad (so it will dry quickly), adhesive, scissors, small alphabet stamps, one pack of alphabet rub-ons, a protractor (for curves and straight lines), a waterproof pen, a pencil, and paper towel. It all fits very neatly into an old chocolate box. I pre-cut a bunch of white paper to 8.5x8 (my preferred size for my art journal pages) and put the blank pages along with the scraps into a ziploc bag. I find the scraps are good for excess paint, masks, doodling, etc. Just handy to have. The box and bag are easy to carry around and I had a good time making art almost every day. While on vacation, my pages tend to be slightly more word based. I don't know why. Perhaps I have a more unusual story to tell? Whatever the reason, I thought I'd share four of the pages with you today.


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