Playing With Beads...
Happy Valentine's Day!

TAAB Quilt Critique

I had a wonderful meeting last night with three very talented fiber artists: Barbara Triton, Madi Appell, and Lenni Abel. We have formed a quilt critique group (TAAB) and I am very excited about the whole endeavour! Their work is beautiful and each of these accomplished and decorated women has come to quilting from a different perspective.

Why a quilt critique group? So many reasons! Mostly though, I want to move my work to the next level. Everything I do (from scrapbooking to quilting to jewelry) is best viewed up close. I want to push myself to get more graphic (while remaining true to my personal style, of course). It seems to me that in order to be successful, one's work must work both from a distance (or when submitted as a tiny jpeg or slide) and in person up close. I can hardly wait to get started! Although, I'll admit that it scares me. For two reasons:

(1) Remember when Tiger Woods was revamping his swing? He was terrible for about a year until it clicked in. Not that I'm Tiger Woods...

(2) One of my strengths is my detail work, my surface embellishment. Maybe there's nothing special about my quilts if that's gone? Of couse, I don't have to stop embellishing, but I still have fear.

Well, we see what happens! I'll be sure to keep you updated!

P.S. I'm thrilled to report that my layout, "Why Do I Scrapbook?" (see it two posts below) won an honorable mention! Judge Ali Edwards said that my layout received an honorable mention because "This is just cool." Yay!