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The Three Amigos...

Two tales to tell today. The first is the story of this necklace:


You may remember that I went to my friend Anne's house and helped her make a necklace. She had several of these "ribbon" necklaces in her collection and wanted to make one of her own. So, I figured out how they were made, bought the supplies, and gave her a lesson. Well, I was so inspired by how well hers turned out, that I decided to try my hand at making my own. Bianca, my Mother, and I had a late night beading party. Photos below:

Bbeads Bbian Bboth Bme Bmom

Well, we three crafting amigos also ventured out to a two-day crop this weekend.


I rolled off of an early morning flight from Houston in a foul mood. I'm not a morning kind of girl and when the 4:30am wake-up call came, I couldn't quite figure out where I was. Then, we drove from Boston up to New Hampshire. I really appreciated all the space we had. You can see from the photo above that the space allowed for WIDE aisles and we each had major table space too!

It was Bianca's first crop and she was an immediate hit:


So many women couldn't believe that her pages were her first scrapbook pages EVER because they were so good! She's got the natural talent. Personally, her journaling slayed me. She's got such a knack for capturing a story.

As always, I dragged my Mom along:


There are many, many reasons that she is the greatest Mom on Earth, but one of them is that she faithfully comes on every crafty adventure I ask her to. She has literally no interest in scrapbooking at home, but if I ask her to come to a crop, she always gives me an enthusiastic, "yes!" Love spending time with her and I love seeing her pages. She is such a smarty-pants with her tongue planted firmly in cheek. Plus, she's the best real life spell and grammar check around! Super useful!

As for me, I had a good time:


Didn't get as much done as I hoped, but I'm thinking it's quality over quantity. I'm pretty content with my work these days, and its not often that one can say that. So, in parting, I leave you with a self-portrait. Taken in the bathroom mirror at the crop: