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Scrapbooking Inspiration!

I wanted to share one of my favorite scrapbooking inspiration challenges. Every week, a lovely scrapper named *Paula* posts a new advertisement to a thread titled "Pub Ad Inspiration Challenge" on the website Two Peas In A Bucket. Sometimes the ads are very easy to translate into a scrapbooking layout and sometimes they're more esoteric. Regardless, the results are always very interesting. Throughout the week, scrappers post their layouts in response to the ad. Some people "lift" the ad directly. Others use the topic, shapes, colors, or general idea as inspiration. I have learned three things from doing the Ad... Read more →

Adhesive Review

So, I thought I'd share my adhesive review which appeared on Craft Critique over the weekend. I also wanted to point out that if you leave a comment at Craft Critique with your own adhesive opinions, you can win some cool stuff! So be sure to check it out! Without any further ado, here is my article: CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB It’s the one thing I always run out of. It’s the one thing I never feel guilty buying. It’s the one thing I use the most. And, I have a drawer full of it. I have... Read more →

Urban Inspirations and The Whole Bead Show

This was a crafty weekend. On Friday, I spent about eight hours at F.I.T. helping to set up The Urban Inspiration Quilt Show here in NYC. I spent most of that time helping with the Members Boutique. (My last post was about the jewelry I made for the boutique.) I had a wonderful time organizing displays and getting to know several members of the guild a little bit better. One of the things I enjoyed the most was the most tedious. We had to sort through piles of "orphan blocks" -- blocks that were intended to be part of a... Read more →

Jewelry Sweat Shop

So, I'm going to be selling some jewelry at the Empire Quilters' Quilt Show Boutique. Here's a sample of what I've been hunched over my table making: African Symphony Necklaces Sterling Silver, Seed Beads, and a mixture of African Trade Beads. Gambia Necklace Sterling Silver, Seed Beads, African Trade Beads, and a Sterling Silver and Glass Pendant with a Stamp enclosed. African Drum Earrings Sterling Silver, Seed Beads, and African Trade Beads Ghanaian Powder Glass beads are currently being produced in Ghana. Made by the Krobo tribe in Ghana, the local name for these beads is Mue-ne-angma, which means "Writing... Read more →

Want to Win Something?

I am a reporter for the blog Craft Critique and we are currently running a contest over there. Here are the details: "Would you like to win some COOL STUFF and share your work with Craft Critique's readers? We are looking for your fabric inspired papercrafts, OR your paper inspired Fibercrafts! A BIG BOX of crafty goodies (fun stuff I promise!) from Craft Critique awaits the winner! Everyone can play! Be sure to check out all the posts from this week's Fabric Challenge to get inspired. Then just Email us a quality photo of your fabric/paper art, and tell us... Read more →

Class with Emily Falconbridge

So, I had the good luck to take two classes with Emily Falconbridge a week or two ago at Right at Home Scrapbooking in Massachusetts. Her classes were very laid back. Totally my style. Basically, she hands out the class kit and gives about 5-10 minutes of lecture/demonstration. Then, you just do what you want for the next few hours. I'm usually quite the class rebel since most classes are pretty anal about the directions. You know, "Cut the blue striped paper into a 6x2 inch strip and place it in the bottom left corner." I'm more of a technique... Read more →

Thank You! and March Design Team Stuff

First, of all I want to say thank you so much to everyone who said nice things about my quilts. I'm biting my nails and wondering what the judges had to say! This nervousness was not helped by a trip to The City Quilter today. One of the instructors told me that she loved my quilt when it came in for judging. I asked her how she saw it and she told me that she had been a scribe for the one of the judges and had to stop herself from saying anything when he was giving the critique. Read more →

Fabric/Paper Challenge

Craft Critique is having their Fabric/Paper Challenge Carnival today. You can go there and be inspired by the dozen or so links to various blogs with projects inspired by quilting and sewing on them. Here is the article I wrote for that blog (it appeared on Monday): The scrapbooking magazine Creating Keepsakes recently held their annual “Hall of Fame” contest. One of the assignments was called “crafty combo.” The editors asked entrants to, “create a layout in which you couple your scrapbooking skills with another leisure art form, including but not limited to sewing, embroidery, quilting, beading, jewelry-making, painting, drawing... Read more →

Quilts That Tell A Story

Thank you so much to everyone for your nice comments on my quilt. I picked both of my quilts up from the judges today and took some photos against a white wall. Without further ado, here are the two quilts I entered in the Empire Quilters' Urban Inspirations Show. THE SUM IS GREATER THAN THE PARTS This quilt is made up of many many mini art quilts. I've included some closeups of a few of them here: This quilt has it all: machine work, hand work, piecing, applique, embroidery, bead embroidery, painting, writing, drawing, doll making...and so much more! I... Read more →

Terrible Photo, but it's done!

At 5:30 am, I finally finished my quilt. Good thing too, since it was turned into the Empire Quilters' judges at 9:50am this morning. Truthfully, it was supposed to be in at 9am. But, I overslept. I had the great debate with myself at 6am. Should I go to bed and risk oversleeping? Or should I just stay up and deliver it and then go to bed? I figured some sleep was better than none, so I set the alarm for 8:30am. At 9:25am, I awoke with a start! Into my clothes and into a cab, I raced down 7th... Read more →