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Scrapbooking Inspiration!

I wanted to share one of my favorite scrapbooking inspiration challenges. Every week, a lovely scrapper named *Paula* posts a new advertisement to a thread titled "Pub Ad Inspiration Challenge" on the website Two Peas In A Bucket. Sometimes the ads are very easy to translate into a scrapbooking layout and sometimes they're more esoteric. Regardless, the results are always very interesting.

Throughout the week, scrappers post their layouts in response to the ad. Some people "lift" the ad directly. Others use the topic, shapes, colors, or general idea as inspiration. I have learned three things from doing the Ad Inspiration Challenge:

1. Design. Looking at the ad and trying to figure out how to translate it to a page has forced me to be conscious of how ads are put together, why certain design arrangements work, what kind of design additions or alterations work and which don't.

2. My Personal Style. I am much more concious of what my personal scrapbooking style is. I'm always trying to alter the ad to incorporate massive amounts of journaling. I like to put a lot of "stuff" on my layouts. I'm always trying to cram more photos than are called for. I love a bold title.

3. Look Harder. Don't just accept the ad at surface value. Look at what really makes it work. Tilt it. Turn it. Break it down. Expand it.

Here are some recent challenges and my responses:











Here is this week's challenge:



If you'd like to play, here's the thread: Pub Ad Inspiration Challenge: Week of 3/26/07 I hope you'll be inspired!