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My Favorite Pen: Sakura Pigma Micron

Spring Has Come to NYC!

...and I for one, am grateful. Here's a quick layout I did to commemorate the moment:


The coating on the chipboard flowers and triangle on the left was created by coating the item with pigment ink, covering the item with embossing powder, and heating. I repeated the last two steps several times on the chipboard flowers. Love this technique!

The journaling strip on the photo block was created in Photoshop. I created the photo block and then de-saturated a strip in the middle. I printed out the entire thing and then wrote on the de-saturated part.

JOURNALING: It’s an annual ritual. Spring hits NYC and everyone empties out of their apartments into the Park. We’re no exception to this rule. It was glorious Sunday, and so we decided to have a picnic – NYC style of course. What does that mean? Pack nothing but a blanket. Stop at Whole Foods or a deli (or somewhere like that) and buy your picnic. We went for sushi and pizza from Whole Foods. We weren’t the only ones. Half of the blankets were sporting Whole Foods bags. And so we spent a few lazy hours eating, talking, and enjoying the weather. Days like this always confirm for me that this really is, the greatest city on earth! April 22, 2007.

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