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Who is an Artist?

I read a lot of stuff from people who are indignant that scrabookers (in particular) call themselves artists. Scrapbooking celebrity Ali Edwards introduced the term Life Artist and as many people embraced it as were chafed by it. I found this recent comment on a message board very interesting:

The whole, "I am an artist because I slap some oddly matched paper, a few office supplies, embellishments and a photograph of half of my face together on a slab" thing makes me howl.

How many of these women have true artistic ability, to draw, sketch, paint?

Seriously, who has any real numbers on how many pubbed and big name scrappers are truly artistic? As in in other mediums, even graphic artist. The word designer does not mean shit, anybody can call themselves a designer these days and they do. It no longer holds any prestige unless you have created a line of product.

I am sure there are some true artists who scrapbook .... but the "Life Artists????" give me a small break already.

Lets say it again for the cheap seats "You are a scrapbooker!!!!! however good or not good at it you may be!!!! If you are embarrassed to admit it and must elevate yourself to "Artist" you need therapy!!!!!!!!."

There is not a damn thing wrong with being a scrapbooker. Get off the high horses and don't call yourself and artist until you can prove it with versatility in the art world.

Certainly the questions of "what is art?" or "who is an artist?" are not new ones. Somehow, it makes me think about the old joke:

Q: What do they call the guy who graduates last in his medical school class?
A: Doctor.

So, aren't all of us who create artists? But, then I found this comment:

If I was a real artist who had spent time studying, and working hard towards perfecting my medium I would be pissed at all of these people calling themselves artists.

So because I can put a CD in my stereo mean that I am also a musician?

Hmmmm...There just seems to be so much negative energy around the term "artist." But, I have decided to refuse to allow other people to define how I see that word.

I would like to share a recent layout.


Here's the journaling:

It has taken me a really long time to be to say that out loud. I am an Artist. It sounds ridiculous to me somehow. But it is the truth. By training, I am a theatrical artist. But as a Director, I feel like calling myself an Artist, is like a Lawyer calling himself Doctor. Sure, he has a Juris Doctorate, but c’mon! Then I became “Artsty-Craftsy” when I wandered into the craft world, but still not an Artist. People bought the jewelry I made, but I was simply “Crafty.” When my scrapbooking was published, I became “Super Creative.” When my quilting won awards, I was “A Talented Hobbyist.” And then it happened. Something clicked inside. The title “Artist” stopped sounding like a pretentious word, and started sounding like who I am.