My New Favorite: Clear Scrapbooking Layouts!

A New Quilt: Bedtime Stories

All of my quilting work is very clearly influenced by my deep devotion to, and torrid love affair with, scrapbooking. Most of my work includes either photos or text, and many of the pieces are autobiographical. This new quilt is no exception. It is titled "Bedtime Stories." The dedication on the back reads: "For my Father who told the stories. Thank you!"


I used snippets of text from my five favorite childhood tales: How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Where The Wild Things Are, Julierella (an adaptation of Cinderella my Father made up), Green Eggs and Ham, and Goodnight Moon. Technically speaking, the quilt is very basic. Just strip piecing and quilted "in the ditch." But, I really like the graphic feeling. The words are all either stamped or hand drawn.

I feel like this quilt is a leap forward for me. Most of my work is really fussy and detail oriented. It's meant to be seen full size and up close (part of having a small workspace, I think). This is a bigger piece and it looks best from a distance (in my opinion).

Thanks for taking a peek!