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My New Favorite: Clear Scrapbooking Layouts!

I have long lusted after Hambly's overlays. But, I have also long obeyed a dollar rule in my scrapbook spending ($1/one page -- so an item that costs $5.99 must be able to be used on six pages). The overlays cost more than $1. Boo Hoo! But, the other day, I noticed that Just Let Me Scrapbook carries a few of the overlays. So, I put in a request for one of them with my design team order. I was thrilled when it arrived, but I was also paralyzed. I was afraid of "ruining" it. I mean, I had one precious overlay and a thousand ideas. The overlay sat on my desk for a month. I drew sketches. I didn't like any of them. So, finally today, I was motivated by a brand new challenge called One Little Word. Each week the lovely ladies of the One Little Word Blog, will post a word and you are supposed to create a layout based on the word. This week's word is "go." And, this is my layout:



I'm totally digging the clear layout idea! Of course, the negative is, I now need to get my hands on a ton more Hambly! LOL! I think some came in this month's Scrapologie kit...I'm off to scrapbook!