Altered Pencil Lines: Challenge #1
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More From Milwaukee...

I'm still at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee and still loving it! But, have I mentioned how tired, how sore, how exhausted I am?! And yet, I shoot out of bed every morning at 7am. (For anyone who knows my night owl tendencies, I am far more likely to go to bed at 7am than to get up at 7am.) It has been a fabulous few days since I last posted! So much has gone on! So many fabulous new techniques learned! I made this necklace last night with techniques learned in two classes:


The little circle with the photo in it (sorry it's a bit blurry) was created with techniques learned in a class on using resin. It's a metal bezel with a photo of my Mom, Grandmother, and Aunt, several miniature nuts, and some glitter in it. The red on the edges is an oil pastel crayon. I then poured resin into the bezel. Once the resin hardens, the piece is completely waterproof. It's attached to the copper piece with a rivet (which is a technique I learned in a class yesterday).


Both classes were taught by a brilliant artist named Susan Lenart Kazmer. I love her work! I'm looking forward to her book on cold connections, which is coming out in August. I'll try to photograph more of the work I'm doing very soon!

Also, I wanted to point out that Craft Critique is doing a whole week on organization. You should check it out!