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Quilting Up A Storm

I just received my Embellisher by Baby Lock! I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this wonderful machine. It's a needle felting machine. Basically, it looks like a sewing machine, but instead of a needle that you thread, it has a circle of seven barbed needles. There's no thread either. The seven needles just go up and down when you step on the pedal.

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The seven needles basically mesh nubby fabrics (like felt) together. Though, I have heard that you can use paper (!!!) in it. I'm afraid of dulling the needles, though. I want to experiment with some other fabrics as well, but I took it out for a test drive and came up with these two necklaces:

This is a completely reversible necklace. It's red with yellow dots on one side and yellow with red dots on the other side.



This is also reversible, but the colors are the same on both sides.


I also made myself this fun shirt/smock yesterday:


I'm not much of a seamstress. The only other article of clothing I've ever made was this quilted coat:


Nevertheless, I had fun figuring it out!

PS: The Maya Road Altered Tin in my JLMS DT post below, is featured on the Maya Road Blog!