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July at Just Let Me Scrapbook!

Some New Work...

Well, I've been hoarding all my work lately. Seems like there's always some contest that needs "never before seen work." Or, I'm working on something for an article that's coming out in two weeks, so I have to hold on to it until then. It's so difficult not to share! But, I recently created several layouts for the design team contest over at Serendipity Scrapbooks. The design team search runs through July 15, and it's a great board. It's a really nice store too, lots of stuff that's totally my style. I'm trying really hard not to buy any more stuff (I've just got so much!), but I did have a bit of an imaginary shopping spree over there the other day. I've got a cart full of fabulous stuff. Just deciding whether or not I really *need* it. Anyway, if you're at all interested, you should check them out and submit some work! Here's most of what I submitted...



Here's a hint for taking photos of yourself: use your computer! Most Macs come equipped with a built in camera these days. Use it to take self portraits easily! That's what I did for this layout. Each of the ten circles has a question (typed), an answer (handwritten), and a border (I doodled). Note that many of the circles are "popped up" using foam adhesive to add dimension. One of the circles is even popped up two levels! The frame around the photo is also doodled. I think the trick to doodling successfully is to be okay with it looking differently than you thought it would. And remembering that imperfection is to be embraced! PS: The black border is for viewing purposes only.


Rather than crowd the seven photos onto a single page layout, I decided to create this two-page layout. The background for the photos is a mixture of white and yellow paint on top of patterned paper. Here's a tip: coat your patterned paper with white paint first (like priming it). Maybe even two coats. Then, put on whatever color you want the viewer to see. I created the “ghost shapes” by cutting up a plain transparency and then painting the edges. The title also has small white dots outlining each letter.



This is a clear layout. It is meant to go into a page protector without another page backing it. The Hambly transparencies are great for this kind of project. As you can see, I've included a detail shot of the quilted embellishments. To make the quilted flowers, I machine quilted a small piece of fabric and then cut it up. Glue dots hold them quite securely. The journaling is all done with stickers! Tip: Use micro tipped reverse grip tweezers when working with tiny alphas. It makes it so much easier!


I made this card from some old Basic Grey paper (love BG!). I cut out the large circle hole in the front of the card and then hung the large double flower from thread. One of the very cool things that you can't see from this series of photos, is that the flower spins when you open the card! Several of the smaller flowers are "popped up" by foam adhesive for evern more dimension. Here's a tip if you'd like to replicate this card: use double sided paper! Much easier than gluing two pieces of paper together and then cutting through all those layers!

Thanks for looking!