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Tweezerbee Precision Tweezers (Reverse Grip): A Love Letter


My Darling,

I miss you already. I can hardly believe that we’ve been together for more than two years! I admit, I didn’t think much of you when I first saw you. Skinny, black and yellow. Knowing how deeply devoted to you I am, I find it hilarious that my first thought upon seeing you was, “Useless.”

But, I was already in a relationship with a pair of Making Memories reverse grip tweezers. It wasn’t great. His points were dull. (You are sharp as a tack!) He didn’t seem to really be able to “hold on” to small items. (You are a genius at clinging to the smallest part of the smallest object!) But, he came with a lot of other perks (a hammer, an eyelet setter, etc.) I guess I was pretty materialistic. But, you changed all that for me!

You have revolutionized my life. You are always willing to help out. Whether it’s the unglamorous job of cleaning out the tiny hole punch tip, or the unbearably hot job of hanging onto items I’m embossing, you’re always there for me. I know I can be a bit of a user.

I use you to pull stickers up from their backing sheets (especially those little alphas).
I use you to hold items I’m dipping into glitter.
I use you to wrangle shrink plastic as it’s shrinking under the heat gun.
I use you to unclog virtually any small hole.
I use you to place small items onto my pages.
I use you to hold onto journaling strips while I apply glue to them.
I use you like an extra set of hands.

I’m sorry for all the abuse I have put you through over the years. Not only are you sharp, not only do you have that sexy little angled head, but you have that hot and heavy reverse grip. I never knew it could be so good. My hands don’t hurt. I never have to think about stopping in the middle of something because I know you’ll be there, exactly as I left you, when I get back to it. You are steadfast.

Please believe that I will never leave you behind. You will be my companion for every project. For every crop. For my every need.

You are mine and I am yours.

Much love,