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This is Me...

I've been keeping an art journal for the last year or so. I post a page or two occassionally, but it's mostly private. For me, my art journal is a place to experiment and fail. It's a place to put down all my true thoughts and feelings and get them out in an artistic way. It's an emotional diary. Though, I do include some things that are less private and more event based. Why am I sharing this? I'm participating in a new art journal challenge called, "This is Me." Lots of fun prompts and I really like looking at... Read more →

Altered Pencil Lines: Wednesday is almost here!

As you know, every other Wednesday, Altered Pencil Lines debuts a set of very cool non-scrapbooking projects inspired by scrapbooking sketches. In case you missed it, here is my project from two weeks ago: The background is painted with acrylic paints. The flower is patterned paper, covered with a thin coat of gesso, outlined with a black marker, colored with colored pencils, and then silhouette cut. (From a technique by Emine Pala found here.) The words are all vinyl stickers from Staples (friend to the city gal without a scrapbooking store). During the in-between weeks, Altered Pencil Lines features an... Read more →

Right at Home Summer Art Retreat...

I'm back from a lovely weekend in Franklin, MA. My Mother and I attended the Right at Home Scrapbooking Summer Art Retreat. Three days of croptastic fun! Here's my rundown of the ten best things about the crop (in no particular order): 1. Perfect Size There were around forty of us (my un-scientific guesstimate). It was big enough that you could get lost if you wanted to, but small enough that you could get to know people. 2. Great Company I really enjoyed our tablemates -- another mother/daughter pair -- as well as several nearby tables of ladies who made... Read more →

Packing for a Crop

I seem to be going to a lot more crops lately. This year I've been to two weekend retreats (it will be three after this weekend) and four day long crops. This is GREAT! I love and adore the social aspects of scrapbooking and always look forward to spending time with other fanatics. Of course, cropping on the go is a lot less convenient than cropping at home. But, I've been to enough now that I think I have it down to a science (well, a philosophical and mostly theoretical science): STEP #1: Convince yourself that you don't need to... Read more →

Playing With Hambly!!

Two weeks ago, Craft Critique hosted Hambly week! I was thrilled to receive a very generous packet of goodies from Hambly. This is my review of their product: I have been a fan and follower of Hambly Screen Prints from the very first moment I saw it online. You see, I am a scrapaholic with nowhere to shop. Stranded in the midst of New York City, the internet is my only shopping option. Cruising one of my favorite message board galleries, I began to note all of the cool and funky freestyle layouts using Hambly overlays. I immediately sent my... Read more →

My Kits and Pieces! and Quilt Block

I am very pleased to share that I've been invited to join the team of Freelance Designer for My Kits and Pieces! I'm very excited about this new opportunity. My Kits and Pieces has a very cool concept. In this age of the $70 kit, they have an inexpensive base kit for purchase (about $16) and then you decide whether or not you also want to purchase a small bundle of embellishments, a medium one, or a large one. I think this is a very cool system, so be sure to check it out! In other news, I'm completely and... Read more →

Book Review: Guide to Digital Scrapbooking

So, we all had to do book reviews this week at Craft Critique. Like a total moron, I didn't check to see what other reporters were reviewing before I wrote mine. I went to upload my review and realized that one of the other gals was already reviewing the same book. Ooops! You can read Julia's review here. And, without any further ado, here is my review: As I reported earlier in the week, I made my first digital scrapbooking layout. I was fairly familiar with the very basics of Photoshop Elements 3.0. I’ve been using it for about a... Read more →

Tag! I'm it!

So, the lovely ScrapperMimi "tagged" me today. She and I are both on the design team at Serendipity Scrapbooks. Here's the deal: 1. post these rules 2. each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves 3. those tagged should write a blog post of these facts 4. at the end of the post, 8 more bloggers are tagged and named 5. go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged So, here's my spin on it. I'm posting 8 random crafty (and hopefully interesting) facts about myself: 1. My most recent crafting purchase:... Read more →

August for Just Let Me Scrapbook

I wanted to share my August projects for Just Let Me Scrapbook. Thank You Card All the paper is Basic Grey. I used my Martha Stewart leaf punch for the first time. You'll recall I got if for free after attending a taping of her show during scrapbooking week. I freehand cut the stems and then just adhered the leaves. The adorable felt flowers from Junkitz come with the embroidery floss centers. So easy! The Arm I have been lusting after these Autumn Leaves "For the Record" stamps for I don't know how long! I totally adore them! Anyhow, I'm... Read more →