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Good News and a Layout...

This is Me...

I've been keeping an art journal for the last year or so. I post a page or two occassionally, but it's mostly private. For me, my art journal is a place to experiment and fail. It's a place to put down all my true thoughts and feelings and get them out in an artistic way. It's an emotional diary. Though, I do include some things that are less private and more event based.

Why am I sharing this?

I'm participating in a new art journal challenge called, "This is Me." Lots of fun prompts and I really like looking at other people's pages. But, I don't really want to share mine with the world (which kind of defeats the purpose of the "This is Me" blog). I feel guilty about not sharing them, so I tried to solve the problem with my first page:


I put my beliefs into the envelopes, because I didn't want to flash them all over the internet.

I've continued to play along with the prompts on the blog (and to be inspired by the brave women who are putting themselves out there), but I don't think I'll be sharing all of mine. Some. But not all. For example, I just finished a page that is not necessarily personal in its subject matter, but it was an artistic experiment. I don't particularly like the outcome. And, I don't feel comfortable sharing it right now. I'm keeping it in my book. I enjoyed making it. But, it's for me. And I think that's okay.

So, whether you decide to share your pages or just keep them to yourself, I think an art journal is a wonderful playground. Be sure to check out the great inspiration from "This is Me" if you get a chance.