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Digital! Hybrid! Eeek!

I feel like I somehow crossed over to the dark side. I've been resisting digital and hybrid scrapbooking forever. Or at least, it feels like forever.


Well, I barely know what I'm doing in Photoshop. I can never follow those digital articles in the magazines. I love the feel of paper! I feel completely inept with my laptop mouse (finger pad).

But, something happened to me today and I did two layouts: one hybrid and one digital! Eeek!

Here's the hybrid layout:


What is hybrid? Basically, it's anything that combines digital and traditional scrapbooking. On this layout, I created the journaling card in Microsoft Word, printed it out, cut it out, and then filled it in. I really liked being able to customize it with a quote.

Here's the digital layout:


This was incredibly scary! I have to credit Digital Scrapbook Place for their easy to follow tutorials. I read a bunch of them last month and got freaked. Then, I sat down in front of my computer tonight and just started playing. I guess some of the tutorial info stuck!

If you've got any digital or hybrid tips, I'd love to hear them!