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My Kits and Pieces! and Quilt Block

I am very pleased to share that I've been invited to join the team of Freelance Designer for My Kits and Pieces! I'm very excited about this new opportunity. My Kits and Pieces has a very cool concept. In this age of the $70 kit, they have an inexpensive base kit for purchase (about $16) and then you decide whether or not you also want to purchase a small bundle of embellishments, a medium one, or a large one. I think this is a very cool system, so be sure to check it out!

In other news, I'm completely and totally quilt blocked. I've been desperately trying to work on this piece for the Journal Quilt Project and I *hate* everything that I come up with. I have about a billion designs and at least four half started quilts staring at me. It's not that I can't come up with anything, it's that I can't come up with anything that excites me. I don't have that driven, crazed feeling that a good idea gets going. You know, that fire that makes it possible for you to sew for six days straight.


Leave me some inspiration, if you've got any to share!