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Art Inspiration Thursday: Week Two!

Well, it's Thursday! Time for the second Art Inspiration Challenge! Here is the work of art I was assigned:


And, here is my layout:


To create the background:

1. I started with a white piece of paper and used three color of watered down acrylic paint to fill the space (green, blue and brown).
2. I stamped circles with variously colored pigment inks (yellow, brown, green) and embossed them with clear embossing powder.
3. I covered the entire page with a layer of green Walnut Ink TintZ (it’s translucent), and wiped it off of the embossed areas.
4. I used gesso and red acrylic paint to create more circles (painted).
5. I stamped some more circles with green pigment ink and embossed them with clear embossing powder.
6. I sprayed water all over the layout and then sprinkled clear embossing powder randomly. I used a heat gun to emboss those areas.
7. I used a darker shade of green Walnut Ink TintZ over the entire page.
8. I cut the page into 3.75 squares and used various shades of Walnut Ink TintZ to make each square a slightly different color.
9. When the squares were dry, I affixed them to a piece of Black Cardstock.

I painted the scrolly design in the left corner with gesso. 10.08.06 is the date we got married.

The art inspiration pieces for week three are already posted, if you want to play along this coming week! I hope you do!