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Challenge Me!

Luxe and Serendipity Scrapbooks!

Each month, Serendipity Scrapbooks features certain items. This month, I was assigned a collection of papers by Luxe Designs. You can see my creations (and the rest of the design team's) in Serendipity's gallery. Last night I sent a few of them to Tricia at Luxe Designs. Today, I received an e-mail from her letting me know that she was going to post one of the Luxe blog. You can see it here. I was flattered that she decide to base this week's challenge on my layout. Here's what she said:

For this weeks challenge, I was inspired by one of those "sharing my work" emails. I love love love this layout by Julie Balzer. This big dots pattern is one of my favorite in all the lines we have featuring it. However, I've never seen it used this way. I'm so inspired by it...I feel a scrap-lift coming on! So this week: think circles or polka dots or rounded corners. Think innovative. me those layouts or projects!! I would love to feature you on the blog...and maybe even send you some goodies??!!

It's always nice to hear that you've inspired someone!