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Last Scrapper Standing: Round One


I admit it. I'm a far more sophisticated scrapper today than I was when I started almost three years ago. I have a better grasp on formal design concepts: color, line, type, etc. My photographs are better -- more close ups, nicer backgrounds, better light. I am more computer savvy -- lots of hybrid work, creating elements in PhotoShop. I have a head full of techniques -- from photo transfers to inking. I know the products and manufacturers -- I can identify most on sight. I have better equipment -- paper cutters, scanners, etc. I leave white space.

But am I a better scrapbooker?

Here is an early page I created about me (June 2005):


Here is a recent page I created about me (June 2007):


I've been looking through some old albums and I love seeing my evolution as a scrapper. There are pages and pages of multi-photo 4x6 layouts with tons of handwriting and a million punches and die cuts. Then I went through a photo enlargement phase and every page has an 8x10 on it. Then you see the art experiment phase where every layout has layers and layers of paint. Then it's off to very linear, very grid based layouts inspired by Ali Edwards and other graphic scrappers. And finally, you wander into today's layouts, which I can only describe as artsy-graphic.

I don't know whether or not I'm a better scrapper. I do know that I still love it! I do know that I love looking at my pages. I do know that I've learned a lot from the internet and magazines and experimenting. I do know that I never want to stop learning and improving.

And that I can't wait to see what phase is next!