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Last Scrapper Standing: Round One

The Last Scrapper Standing is a very cool contest run by the Effer Dare Girlies. If you don't know, the Effers started the first scrapbooking challenge blog -- a concept that has taken off! There are so many of them out there now. I pointed out some of my favorites in a previous post. The Effers even published a book this year full of dares!

This is the second year that the Effers have hosted their Survivor style scrapbooking contest: Last Scrapper Standing. I didn't participate last year, so when they announced the contest this year, I jumped on it as quickly as possible!

The first challenge was to create a layout using eight clear elements on a page -- no more and no less. They said that they were looking for inventive ways of layering and that the eight layers must be "countable." Here's the layout I created:




You can see entries from the approximately 170 entrants here. There's a lot of wonderful creativity!

On Wednesday, the Effers cut the field in half, from 170 to 86 (I made the cut). And they issued a new challenge: Scrap seven random facts. It's deceptively simple. My mind has been racing. Am I overthinking? What will be unique and really blow people away. Nope. I'm trying too hard. I need to stay absolutely true to myself. Hmmm...what should I do? The layout is due next Wednesday. I'm going to have to put my thinking cap on....