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In Love With My Wacom Tablet!

So, I've become totally enamored with Hybrid Scrapbooking. But, because I like the look of handwriting and doodling and stuff, I bought a Wacom Tablet so that I could do lots of that! What is a Wacom Tablet you ask? Well, it's the coolest thing ever! You write on it, and whatever you write comes up on the screen. It replaces your mouse, but gives you far more control!

Now, I probably won't ever go all-digi, but I wanted to test myself and see if I could create a layout (in my own style) without using any purchased or downloaded digital elements. Just me and the tablet. And, here it is:


I see plenty of mistakes, but I feel incredibly proud of myself! Everything on this page is something that I created myself, down to my own handwriting for the title and journaling! I made the stitches, the brads, the house, the photo frame, the background paper...the whole thing! I created my own brushes! Had tons of fun doing it too!

I'm going to put on my thinking cap and figure out some ways to integrate these elements into my paper pages! Thanks for stopping by!