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And, I thought I'd share a review I wrote for Craft Critique....

Alphabet rub-ons. So many options. So little time.

The good news is that your choices are endless when it comes to brand and style of alphabet rub-ons. But, don’t be fooled by a pretty package or a rock bottom price. I tested five brands of alphabet rub-ons and here’s what I found:

BRAND: Making Memories
NAME: Mixed – brite

Sold in a clear box, which includes a popsicle stick, these rub-ons come attached together by a screw post in a swatch style book. Most letters of the alphabet have one page. At the back of the book there are some extra vowels and a full set of numbers and punctuation. To use them, simply cut off the letter you wish to use and rub away.

PROS: So easy to apply! These rub-ons go on smooth as butter, even using a popsicle stick! They will cling to photos, textured paper, metal tins, and transparencies. I love the ransom style alphabet and the fact that there are extra vowels in the pack.

CONS: If you want to use a letter that’s not at the end of the strip, you have to cut into the pack and it’s a bit awkward. I like to staple the other letters to the backing strip, which makes things much easier.

BRAND: Scrapworks
NAME: Alphabet Rub-Ons in Red and Pink

Sold in a metal tin, which includes a popsicle stick, these rub-on tins each contain two colors. Each color is in a different font. They come stacked, several letters to a sheet. There is a full set of numbers and some punctuation in each color/font included.

PROS: Very easy to apply, even with a popsicle stick. The tin is adorable (and let’s face it, I’m a girl who is a sucker for packaging). I like that the tin contains two fonts/colors. They’re a nice size too!

CONS: You have to staple the backing sheet to the letters to ensure that the letters don’t accidentally rub off or get stuck to each other. The tin can be a pain to sift through in order to find the letter you want (you have to take everything out).

BRAND: Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI)
NAME: Monograms Value Pack

Sold in a plastic bag, which includes a popsicle stick, there are 48 rub-ons for each letter of the alphabet. They represent a big value as you get a total of 1,248 letters. Each letter of the alphabet has its own sheet on which the letter alternates between a black and a white background and several different fonts.

PROS: I like the style of these letters and the way that the letters seem to drift out of each square. They are easy to apply and will cling to multiple surfaces. Great value!

CONS: I wish that there were numbers and punctuation. Like the other rub-ons, you have to staple the alphabet sheet to the backing sheet and cut into the center to get what you want.

BRAND: American Crafts
NAME: Trademarks Jane in White

Sold in a matchbook style booklet, which includes a popsicle stick, each letter of the alphabet has its own sheet. In addition to the alphabet, this booklet contains punctuation and several calligraphic scroll-like designs. To use them, simply cut off the letter of your choice and apply.

PROS: Love the matchbook style design of the packaging. It is super easy to find the letter you want and these are easy to store. My favorite part is that because each letter is the same, you simply cut one off from the edge and keep moving. No stapling! They are easy to apply and the white really covers.

CONS: Like most white rub-ons, there is some cracking. I haven’t found a single brand where this is not the case. You simply have to be a bit more vigilant when you apply them. It must be a chemical issue.

BRAND: Heidi Swapp
NAME: Apple Pie in White

Sold in a plastic bag, this pack of rub-ons does not include an applicator. There are three black backing sheets for upper and lower case versions of each letter, all of the numbers, and some punctuation. To use them, simply cut out the letter you wish to use and apply.

PROS: I love the black backing sheet! It makes it very easy to see the white letters. The font is very cute and goes together to really look like cursive writing. I found that the rub-ons applied easily with a dry embossing tool (stylus).

CONS: Because there are so many letters on each sheet, you really have to snip in to get what you want. Another set of rub-ons requiring stapling. I also had a bit of trouble distinguishing some letters (p’s, f’s, j’s, and k’s). Also, a few of the letters partially came off onto the backing sheet before I had a chance to use them.

Let me know if you have a review of some of the many other brands of alphabet rub-ons!