Ten Tempting Treats and Day 22
Day 24: Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa?

Day 23: Do You Bake Christmas Cookies?

This was a very fun layout to make. I just used what was sitting on my desk! Lots of doodling too!


So, over at Craft Critique, I was asked to list five blogs that people should be introduced to for inspiration. Here is the list:

The Effer Dares
The effer girls have a fresh, funky scrapbooking style and the journaling and subjects are always super real. Past challenges have included everything from, "Naughty Girls Need _____ Too" to"Create a layout using office supplies." Look for lots of freestyle fun and new challenges every other week!

Such a fantastic blog! It's full of reviews, ideas, and instructions. The blog has five creative girls who each post at least once a week, so there's always lots to see! The two most recent posts are a review of "Scrapbook Play" and a piece of metal art posted as inspiration.

The Quilting Arts Magazine Blog
This is a relatively new read for me. I enjoy getting a bit of a backstage peek into the magazine. There are giveaways and sneak peeks into both Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors as well as calls for publication. Tons of eye candy too! You don't need to be a sewing enthusiast to enjoy this blog!

Multi Photo Scrapbooking Blog
I'm a big fan of eye candy and this blog showcases layouts featuring more than three photos. Tenika, the woman who runs the blog, showcases a wide range of styles and so you're sure to find something to suit your fancy!

Scrapbook Dimensions - The Scrapbook Dimensions blog is fantastic! If you're at all interested in hybrid scrapbooking, you must visit this site! There are easy to follow tutorials (even for newbies), organization tips, and lots of pictures. A word of warning, this blog is formatted slightly differently from the blogger and typepad blogs we're used to, but it's easy to figure out. And well worth it too!

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