Day 23: Do You Bake Christmas Cookies?
Day 25: What's your favorite Christmas memory?

Day 24: Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa?

I kind of threw a whole lot of stuff together for this one. I'm experimenting with layering and using up all these fabulous things I have hoarded over the years. I realize it's super busy, but it was definitely fun to make! (The black border is for viewing only.)


On a side note, this is my blogging anniversary. One year ago today, I started this blog! I can hardly believe that it has only/already been a year! I think I'm going to order a Blog Book. There is this site called, Blurb, which is a self-publishing site, but it has this cool thing where it will automatically slurp your blog and plonk it into a book. So, you can have a real life copy of all your ramblings and photos and such. It sounds really awesome and the prices seem reasonable. So, I might try it. One year in my life and such.

Thanks for stopping by!