Serendipity Scrapbooks Design Team Call!

Welcoming 2008 and Wrapping Up 2007!

I am very proud of myself. When 2007 started, I had a series of industry-related scrapbooking goals:

1. Get published in Creating Keepsakes.
2. Get onto a kit club team.
3. Get onto a manufacturer's design team.
4. Win a major contest.

I figured, dream big and see what happens. Imagine my surprise as I slowly ticked my goals off...

1. I had a layout picked up for February's (which is the one currently on the news stands - check me out on page 98) Reader's Gallery in Creating Keepsakes!

2. I am proud to design for Serendipity Scrapbooks and My Kits and Pieces. Two great kit clubs. I'm going to be sorry to say goodbye, as I believe my six months with both teams is just about up.

3. I am proud to design for 2Daisies Designs and Sultane. Both are paper manufacturers. I'm looking forward to Sultane's new line, coming very soon! I haven't heard from 2 Daisies in a while, so I don't know what's up with them. But, I hope we'll see something new for CHA 2008 in February.

4. Well, I didn't win either HOF or MMM, which is what I had been thinking about when I made that goal. But I did win the Effer's "Last Scrapper Standing" and I'm darn proud of that! And, I am very pleased to share that I made it onto the Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine Dream Team!

I had given up hope of getting "the call" after December 21st passed (the date calls were supposed to go out). Then, I got an e-mail on December 22 asking me to re-send my entry because some of it hadn't come through. So, I did. Then, I checked the website and it said that calls had gone out on December 24. Ah, well. So, I left for vacation and didn't think about it. But, then I got a message on December 31 saying that Scrapbook Dimensions was looking for me and had been calling for a week! Eeek! I was staying in Alabama at a beach house with no internet access or cell phone reception. I had to drive twenty miles into town to make contact and find out that I was a winner! I'm beyond psyched! Check out the other gals here.

Now, for 2008, I am casting a wider net. In the last few months, I have had scrapbooking tunnel vision and I miss the quilting and beading and such. I feel like I want to keep moving forward on the scrapbooking track I'm on, while also making progress in my other crafty endeavors. So, here are my goals for 2008:

1. Create and enter a piece in Quilt National and/or The International Quilt Show in Houston.
2. Create and enter a piece in Bead and Button's Bead Dreams competition.
3. Take a photo every day for 366 days (it's a leap year).

Here's hoping I can tick them all off by 2009!

PS: I uploaded the first few photos of the year to the "Photo A Day 2008" album on the right.