Amanda Dykan CT: first layouts!
Scrap Etc. 2008 Event

Two Techniques...

These are some technique how-tos that I did for the Scrapbook Dimensions blog and I thought I'd repost them here...


I love making hybrid cards! And with Quick Card templates, it makes it even easier! Check out this fun design from Tara Sroka Designs:


When you open the file it's a layered .psd file. You can see the layers in this screenshot:


Drag your patterned paper into the .psd file and place it above the layer you want it to be on. Then, choose "Create Clipping Mask" from the "Layer" menu.


As you can see from the image below, your digital paper will take on the shape of the layer below it.


I've added some drop shadows and removed the "I Love You" sentiment. I also cropped it to 4x6 before I printed it out. Once I printed it out, I just added some embellishments and doodled a border...


Template: Tara Sroka Designs
Paper: CanDesigns, Vera Lim for Prima, Dianne Rigdon for Prima, Tara Sroka Designs
Inking Action: Atomic Cupcake
Rhinestones & Ghost Shapes: Heidi Swapp
Pen: Zig and Sakura Pigma Micron
Stickers: Making Memories
Miscellaneous: brads, flowers, and staples


I like scrapbooking that has a handmade feel, so it's no surprise that my digi pages are filled with techniques that help to create a handmade look. Check out my all digi page:


Patterned Paper: Amanda Dykan (Pemberly Kit)
Swirls: Amanda Dykan (Doodley Sparkles and Scribbles)
Staples: Michelle Coleman for Little Dreamer Designs

Look closely and you'll notice that many of the circles have an uneven edge. How did I do that? It's so easy!

1. Use the "Shape" tool to draw a circle.
2. Under the "Filter" menu, choose "Distort" and then "Wave."
3. A warning will come up asking you if you want to rasterize the layer. Go ahead and hit okay.


4. A very intimidating menu will come up. Play around with the sliders (you can see a preview in the window) and see how much distortion you like. I recommend keeping the "Number of Generators" fairly low and the "Amplitude" numbers close to each other. Other than that, have fun and play around!  How easy!


You can use the "Create Clipping Mask" command to layer your patterned paper over your distorted circles and your layout is almost done! This technique works great with all sorts of shapes.  Try it with squares and triangles and other basics geometric shapes!

Let me know if you have any questions about either of these techniques!