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Monday's News

Day Seven of Sultane Week!

As promised, since Monday, I have featured  a project using Sultane every single day on this blog.  It's day seven and the official end of the unofficial Sultane week.  Today I'm sharing three layouts that were published in Histoires de Pages in February.




I hope you've enjoyed Sultane week as much as I have.  The Sultane papers are double-sided, thick, excellent quality papers.  And here's the best news: Portrait Bug is going to be the only place in U.S. that you can buy them!!!  The online store should be up this let the shopping begin! 

In other Portrait Bug news: On Thursday, I went to the New York International Gift Fair.  Holy inspiration, Batman!  It was so cool!  We went looking for unique products to sell at the store.  And we found some *great* stuff!  I'm super excited for the boxes to start arriving!  At one of the children's clothing booths, I was struck by an adorable necklace featuring crocheted flowers.  Then, it suddenly occurred to me that Maya Road makes little crocheted flowers as page embellishments, and that I happened to have a package of them sitting on my desk at home!  Well, I ran home and an hour later, I had this beautiful necklace:


I stitched the flowers to a rubber tube (one of my favorite necklace supports) using embroidery floss.  So easy and so chic!

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