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My Weekend at The City Quilter...

I spent the weekend at The City Quilter, my local quilt shop. 

Friday night I was a student in "Mixed Media Play Date," taught by a woman after my own heart, Teresa Vega.  Teresa is an art quilter who loves supplies and playing with the possibilities.  We played with metal - first by doing some foiling on fabric and then by stitching through very thin craft metal sheets.  Here's a quick look at my metal stitching:


I cut a piece of metal into a spiral and then stitched it down.  And then I played catch up, because I had missed the previous class because of Ranger U.  Teresa gave me the quick and dirty version of how she does transfers to fabric.  You can see some of them here:


One of the major things that has come out of this class for me, is that I know a lot more than I think I do.  I have already experimented with most of the techniques and/or products that Teresa has demonstrated in class.  Some successfully and some not so successfully.  Which is a great reason to take the class and learn from someone who has a method that works!  But, I guess all of my reading and experimenting has been worth it.  Because I think I've got a real handle on what's out there mixed-media wise.

On Saturday, I was a student in a class way, way, way out of my comfort zone: Cloth Doll Making.  My Mother did remind me that as a child, I made some dolls out of stockings and sewed clothes for them.  This is like a million miles away from that.  Nancy Rabatin is the teacher (we have another session this weekend) and she is a master doll maker.  Right now I've got a pile of body parts (she's a witch, thus the green skin):


I've been promised that it will be a doll by next week, just in time for Halloween.  I can't wait to see my little witch develop!

On Sunday, I taught my Portrait Quilt class.  I had a full class of wonderfully talented ladies.  Though, some of the perfectionists really had to take some deep breaths and go with the flow.  Here are some photos of their work:


All in all, a totally exhausting and very fun weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!