Portrait Bug Week: Day Seven
Ranger U. Review

Sleep is a Waste of Time...

Can you tell that I'm burning the candle at both ends?  Haven't posted all week long.  Working, working, working like crazy!  But I adore being busy.  I just wish that I didn't have to sleep all the time!  It really gets in the way of my creative pursuits!  You know what I mean?

1. Label Tulip

Got my October kit in the mail and it is a beauty!  Fellow design team member Charity Hassel has some sneak peeks on her blog.  I'm looking forward to sitting down and playing with the kit myself.  In case you didn't know, Label Tulip is a "mid-month" kit club, meaning they release their new kit on the 15th, rather than the 1st.  It's a lovely policy and means that there's always something to look forward to!

2. My Kits & Pieces

K&P is having a big going-out-of-business sale and almost everything is 25% off!  So go and check it out!

3. Bad Girls Kits "Top Designer"

I'm sorry to say that I've had to drop out of the "Top Designer" contest over at Bad Girls.  The incredible and awesome prize for the winner is a chance at a spot on the design team.  However, you must be exclusive to Bad Girls and I am currently committed to Label Tulip.  Now, I'm not vain enough to think that I'd win, but I didn't feel right staying in the contest once I found that out.  I'm honored to have made it through to round 5.  I had a ton of fun!  I wanted to share the layouts I did for rounds 3 and 4...


The layout above was for the "simple" challenge.  It was all about scrapping simple, which is not easy for me.  But, I really love this layout and I never would have done it without the push of the contest.

The layout below was for the "embellishment" challenge.  As you can guess, it was all about using embellishments to bring focus to your photos.


The journaling inside the really big title was a new one for me and brought on by a batch of ATCs I made recently.

4. Sakura

I have been working like crazy to get all of my samples ready for my upcoming taping of Scrapbook Memories (airing on PBS).  I'm heading to Ohio to film the seven segments next week and I have been creating projects and samples like a mad woman!  Not to sound like an advertisement, but I have been spending a lot of quality time with the Sakura pens and paints and they are truly amazing!  I can't wait to share all the fun projects I've been working on!  But, I'll admit to being super nervous about the taping next week.  I'll be sure to keep you updated!

5. Ranger U.

There's a lot to cover, so on Monday I will have a long post detailing the weekend!  Be sure to check back!

Thanks for stopping by!