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The Journal Quilt Project

I'm really excited about a class that I'm going to be teaching January-April 2009 at The City Quilter here in New York City.  It's called "The Journal Quilt Project," after the world-wide phenomenon by the same name.  Essentially, a journal quilt is a small 8.5x11 quilts that you create every week or every month based on events, emotions, ideas, and moments from your daily life.  The perfect mix of scrapbooking and quilting for me! 

I've made a few journal quilts over the last year, but I wanted to create something for The City Quilter newsletter advertising the class that would photograph well.  (What shows up in real life and in photographs is so different, you know?)  So, I sat down tonight and made this little quilt:


It's inspired by this quote.  It's the first time that I've ever tried illustrating with stitches and I am pleasantly surprised by the results! It looks complicated, but the stitching was pretty quick to do on the sewing machine.  I love the rustic, outsider art feeling of it.  It's always fun when an idea in your head translates into real life!

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