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Label almost sold out again!

Busy - Lots of Excuses

Geez Louise, I haven't posted in many several days.  So, what's been keeping me from blogging?

1. Label Tulip kits go on sale tomorrow, so I've been madly trying to finish up my layouts.

2. My templates column for Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine is due tomorrow.  So, I've been writing that and having lots of hybrid fun!

3. I also have a project due tomorrow for Scrapbook Dimensions using the Unibind machine.  It's pretty cool.  It melts the glue in the book cover to create a glued book binding.

4. I'm working on the December stamp set for Scrapbook Takeout.  I've got lots of ideas, but I just need some time to sit down and draw, you know?

5. I interviewed some potential sales people for Portrait Bug yesterday.  The store is going to open next week and they're looking for people to start working the floor.  It is amazing how quickly you can tell whether or not someone is a good fit.  It's also amazing how few people have good eye contact.

6. I placed a *huge* order with Ranger.  I'm trying to develop some new ideas using their supplies for upcoming classes at Portrait Bug.  I had fun making this super cool UTEE mosaic.  I was trying to mimic shattered glass or broken tail light fragments or something urban like that...


I think it's much cooler in person.

7. Speaking of classes, I did put some classes on the Portrait Bug calendar for December.  Photos of the projects aren't up yet, but it's on my ever growing "to do" list.

8. On a totally personal level, I want to go to the Manhattan Meetup crop tonight, but I have rehearsal from 4-11pm and I'm thinking that I'll probably be too pooped to party even if the rest of the ladies are still going strong.  But, we'll see how I feel later today.

9. My new printer and I are getting to know each other and while it's a good relationship, it's still a process.  I'm hoping to post a review sometime after all these deadlines pass!

10. New Quilts, New Quilts, New Quilts.  I've been sketching.  I've got a lot of ideas for some new quilts that I want to make.  I'm in a typography frame of mind lately.

So, that's what's going on.  I'm hoping to offer up some new work and at least one tutorial next week, but we'll see what the weekend brings!

Thanks for stopping by!