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Project Fifty-Two: Question and Answers

A few days ago, I posted about my year-long project for 2009: Project Fifty-Two.  (Click here to read that post.)  I'm so tickled that some of you are planning to join me for the ride!  There were some questions and comments from that post that I wanted to make sure I addressed:

i was just thinking about plans for 2009...projects, goals, etc. From my Project 365 experience the key is keeping it simple. I'm intrigued by your idea :)

im TOTALLY IN. i tried the 365 portrait a day project, and felt totally overwhelmed. but this sounds do-able! thanks for the inspo! :D i hope your year goes well. :D

I was inspired to start this project partially because of my own experiences with Project 365.  I've really enjoyed it, but my ambitious idea to upload all my photos to this site and print them all and include some journaling...has just fizzled out.  I am still taking photos most days, but I am pooped.  Too complicated and too much of a commitment, you know?

I'm SO in. Yeah! I was thinking of making something up for myself, but I LOVE playing along with others. Hope we'll have a flickr group. Can't believe I have to wait till Jan 1.

Yes, we will have a flickr photo pool.  But once again, this is meant to be super low stress and super low commitment, so no one is required to participate in the flickr group.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with flickr, it's a *free* photo sharing site and you can have photo pools (private and public) where people share their work and leave praise for each other. 

This is a great idea. Way less pressure. I'm thinking I might do it. Thanks for the inspo missy. Are we just sharing via your blog?

If you don't want to join flickr, then I will have a post on my blog each week where you can leave a link to your layout whether it's on your blog, or at your favorite scrapbook site's gallery.

I love thisidea. I am going to try to participate. of course, I just posted on my blog about how overwhelmed I am...what's one more project?

Your idea does sound really cool. I seem to start all these cool projects then stop somewhere along the way. But, I could try!!

definitely sounds intriguing. Ill have to think about it....because I am really bad at sticking with projects, LOL.

Sounds like such a wonderfuul concept, Id love to say Im joining you, but I know Id fall off the bandwagon :)

Lily, Sue, Liz, Suzanne, and anyone else who is concerned that they'll fall off the bandwagon, or that it will be too much, don't worry.  The entire point of this project is to feel creative every week without any stress.  Remember, you can simply snap a photograph if that's all you have the energy for.  Or rip out a magazine ad that inspires you.  I'm thinking of it like this: I'm making a commitment to find at least ten minutes every week to do something creative, just for me. 

Hope that helps answer some of your questions!

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