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Project Fifty-Two

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday...

Three things on my mind today...

1. The ATB Paper Tagger

I am deeply judgmental.  Seriously.  When it comes to crafting supplies, I am a know-it-all.  I know what I like and I'm vocal about what I don't like.  When I was sent the Paper Tagger by Around the Block (ATB)...


I wrinkled up my nose and thought, "Eew!  What am I ever going to do with that?"  So, I took it to a crop on Saturday and decided to figure it out.  Super fun.  Seriously, it's super fun.  I had a really good time!  Here's a quick card I made:


You can just see the little purple tag holding the pink tag onto the card.  That purple lace-y strip is from ATB too.  It's called "Frame Tape" and comes in lots of different colors and patterns.  It was hot pink (like the tag) to start and I used black Staz-On to change the color.

Here's a layout using the Paper Tagger:



You can see that I used the Paper Tagger to attach the flowers (all three layers) to my layout, as well as the title.  I also used more frame tape, painting over it with gesso to create a very cool background texture!



Okay, so I went a little wild with the Paper Tagger here.  ATB makes chipboard, fabric, epoxy, and rubber tags.  I used a whole bunch of them (totally mix&match) and created this very cool waterfall of words and color. One helpful thing I discovered when using the Paper Tagger, is to turn the tool 90 degrees after you've released the trigger.  This ensures that the tag disentangles from the needle, and you get a perfect result each time!

I'm thinking that the next thing I'll try is using it to hold felt pieces onto my layouts.  Felt is such a paint to adhere, you know?  Ribbon too.  Hmmmm...lots of possibilities!

2. Sunshine Albums for Children

Fellow crafty blogger Deb Wisker is participating in a wonderful charity drive called "The Sunshine Albums Project" 

From her blog:

The idea is to create an album for a child who is in the hospital facing illness. Many of the children in hospitals are there for cancer treatment. The albums are a way for the children and their families to document their journeys to wellness.  This year my hospital is one of the recipients of the albums. For those of you who don't know, I work at the Maria Fareri Childrens Hospital in Valhalla, NY. I am an OR nurse there. It is truly a remarkable place with an incredible and dedicated staff. We are also the only Level 1 pediatric trauma center in the region.

If you're interested in participating, Deb has lots of specifics on her blog here and here.  Albums are due by November 25th.  I'm definitely planning on putting something together!

3. Oooo La La Hambly!

It was a good mail today.  My Label Tulip kit arrived (and I can't wait to get started on it), but a package from Hambly arrived too!  Hambly does a giveaway on their blog once a month.  I have been entering for at least a year, every single month.  And I finally won!  Yay!  It's a glorious package of transparencies and paper, some old and some new, but all so very luscious!  Thanks Hambly!

Thanks for stopping by!