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A woman named Diana wrote me an e-mail with the following query: As I took a look at your work I couldn't stop wondering what is your workflow. I guess what I would like know is how do you decide which pictures to use, how do you edit them, or decide which ones will be in black and white, where or how do you print them, size, etc... I just started scrapbooking about a year ago and now I am having a hard time getting organized with this matter. I can't decide which pictures to use, printing, color, sizes, etc...... Read more →

How About a Year-Long Project?

This is a post I wrote for the Label Tulip blog, but I thought I'd post if over here in case anyone was interested in trying out a year-long project. I do mention my Project Fifty-Two at the end, but there are a million other great ideas out there! As we creep towards 2009, you might be thinking that now is the good time to get involved in a year-long crafty project. I have to agree. Here are some ideas that might interest you... Project 365: A Photo a Day As the title suggests, the goal is to take a... Read more →

Due to postal issues, the Label Tulip reveal was super late this month. But, it's well worth the wait! Check out the design team gallery and get ready to drool! Really super duper stuff. So, without further ado, here are my creations... I overdyed the grey fabric red to get some nice color variations. (LOVE that this kit has Amy Butler fabric!) The puffy hearts were created by stitching the fabric to felt and pulling tight to get some wrinkles. It’s so fun to see photos that span the last twelve years. We are so different and yet so much... Read more →

Lots of good news came into my inbox very suddenly! I had a layout picked up by Scrapbook Trends. My very first time in that magazine. I'm quite excited. And I have just been invited to join two different design teams, beginning in 2009: Sugarplum Paperie and Right at Home Scrapbooking. Sugarplum Paperie is the storefront of a digital designer named Nicole. I read her blog and she had a call up for some guest designers, so I tossed my hat into the ring. She surprised me by asking me to become a permanent member of her hybrid team! Right... Read more →

2009 is almost here! Which means that it's almost time for Project Fifty-Two to get going. Remember, this is meant to be a no-stress project. Just another way of getting creative and recording a bit about your life. (If you'd like to read all the previous Project Fity-Two related posts, click here.) If you would like to join the flickr group for Project Fifty-Two, you can find it here. If you would like a blinkie/icon for your blog, you can download either of these: Now, remember that list that I asked you to make? Basically, I just suggested that you... Read more →

I sent this layout to Suze Weinberg, the melting pot guru, and she put it in her newsletter! A couple people wrote to and asked me to provide some instructions. So, I thought I'd write them up for everyone to see. I was looking for a cool way to do mosaic tiles and so I invented this super easy technique! Supplies: UTEE clear, To Dye For Red, UTEE flex, Teflon Craft Sheet, Melting Pot, Glossy Accents, Pencil, Eraser, White Cardstock NOTE: These instructions assume that you know how to use a melting pot. I plan to post a video tutorial... Read more →

I've been enjoying slowly reading and working through a book called, "True Vision: Authentic Art Journaling." It's by a woman named L.K. Ludwig. Today, I read something so genius in it. "There is a certain excitement that is generated when we acquire a found-object treasure. When we look at the found object, we think, 'Oh, wow! That would be great in....' 'That would work perfectly for....' 'I could use this in a piece on....' Excitedly, we snap up our find and carry it back to our studio, where we admire it, perhaps turning it over in our hands, and then... Read more →

Michelle LaPoint Rydell was kind enough to give me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Much appreciated Michelle, thank you! For those of you who don't know Michelle, she's a super creative and arsty fartsy scrapbooker. I very much identify with her free spirited sensibility. As you know, part of the deal with this award, is to pass it on by pointing out five other bloggers you love. But, I thought I'd shake it up a bit and point out five creative ideas that I love. I've come across some amazing ideas lately and I wanted to share! 1. Genius Acrylic Stamp... Read more →

The Label Tulip December kit arrived yesterday and today I sat down to play. I had fun splashing around in my paints and mixing them up with all the great papers and embellishments in this kit! Here are a few peeks at what you can expect... I haven't even started on the add-on kit or the grab bag I bought! Kits go up for sale on December 15 (or you can subscribe to guarantee you get one). Also, I just wanted to share my friend Riv's project and the discovery we made. She came over to make one of my... Read more →