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All About Alcohol Inks

I got an e-mail about a month ago from a blog reader named Teresa asking if I could share any tips about alcohol inks that I learned at Ranger U.  Well, it took me a while to get this tutorial together.  But, here it is!  It's a pretty comprehensive breakdown of what alcohol inks are, the tools you need in order to play with them, and then three techniques.  The first two techniques are ones I learned from Tim Holtz at Ranger U.  The last one is something I invented.  I'm almost certainly not the first person to do it, but I've never seen it before, so I'm going to claim it as my own!

The one thing that I forgot to mention in the video is that alcohol inks are meant to be used on non-porous surfaces like transparencies, metal, plastic, glitter, sheers, and glossy cardstock (which is *not* photo paper).

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!