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CHA: Monday

Anticipating CHA

My entries for CHA are going to be a bit "diary style" because I'm jotting down thoughts and notes as I go and I often don't have an internet collection.  So, here we go!

I’m on the plane and on my way to the Craft and Hobby Association Show (CHA) in Anaheim, California.  And I’m just trying to think about what to expect.  For the past few years, I’ve read about CHA on message boards and blogs.  I’ve seen the photos – lots of new products and super decadent display setups. 

I remember seeing photos of the Love, Elsie booth a few years ago and she had an entire kitchen set up: fridge, stove, the whole nine yards!  Pretty cool, right? 

I remember reading the “Pub” message board over at Two Peas in a Bucket and the gals over there were discussing what to wear, and how many business cards to bring.  People talked about how much their feet hurt.  There were discussions about whether or not “designers” belonged at CHA or whether they simply got in the way.

Then of course, there are all the cool new product releases themselves.  As something of a tool and technique junkie, I am jonesing to know about the latest and greatest the craft industry has to offer.  Though, I will admit to feeling a bit super saturated at the moment.

So, what am I expecting?

It’s a down economy, so I’m thinking there will be a little less razzle dazzle than previous years.  Some big companies, like Scenic Route, have already announced that they won’t have booths at the show.  As well, a number of buyers (i.e. retailers) who’ve attended the show in the past aren’t going this year.  They prefer to buy online and receive internet catalogues. 

But, this is my first time at the rodeo and I’m excited!

UPDATE: I've spent the past hour or two sitting in my hotel room and chatting with Kim, the owner of PortraitBug, and the reason I'm here, about her first day at CHA.  She's already shopped at Prima, Maya Road, Xyron, and Creative Imaginations to name a few!  Kim got a freebie giveaway from Crystaline Mosaics: a small cardstock frame which you add tiny little glass tiles to.  She thought it was tedious.  (Edit: Kim now claims that it wasn't tedious.  After all, she didn't do any of it.  It's simply that she never would have had the patience to start it.)  I had a ton of fun.  We chatted and I glued.  Here we are with our charming little frame:


My appetite is definitely whetted and I can't wait to hit the show floor in the morning!