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Oh, yeah.  It's true.  My feet are killing me.  I'm exhausted. And overwhelmed.  And happy.  Because I'm super tired and not 100% able to write a post that isn't filled with typos, here are lots of photos:


That's me with a really cool product from Creative Imaginations.  It's a shadow box that holds an album and the pages are magnetized so you can flip them and they stay open.


I am head over heels in love with these albums from Chatterbox!  They're fabric, with great heavy-weight paper inside and so stinkin' cool.  PortraitBug is definitely going to carry them!  Yay! 


This is Rusty Pickle's famous chocolate fountain.


I cannot remember the name of the Japanese company that was selling these awesome suiboku (Japanese ink art) stamps.  But, I know that Kim ordered a bunch for PortraitBug.


These felt embellished albums from Molly West are just gorgeous! 


We were evacuated from the convention center early this morning and had to mill around outside for a while.


7Gypsies Gaffer Tape.  I'm in love with the tape and the display.  I couldn't convince Kim to carry it all, but she did buy at least one of the patterns.  I want it all!


I thought this kids line from K&Co. was adorable!  Love those animals!


The buying process is soooooo slow.  You have to walk around with someone at every booth who writes down your order.  Here is Kim with a bunch of 7Gypsies stuff and our very nice salesman.


Fancy Pants had a special closet with discounted items. 


I got to meet Cathy, the owner of Label Tulip. She is so sweet!  We had a great time!


Look how tiny that brag book is!  There's an awesome machine that makes these tiny books.  I'm too tired to remember the manufacturer, but it was one of the more fun items from the day.

Random Thoughts:

  • It should be called the scrapbooking show.  There are very few other crafts represented.  That's a bit disappointing.
  • I would be a terrible store owner, because I only want to buy stuff I like and nothing that other people like.
  • Projects really do sell product.  It's also great to see the way product is displayed.  I feel like I'm learning a lot.
  • Trend Spotting: Shabby Chic, Swirls, Elephants, Butterflies, Densely Layered Look, Fabric, Folk Art/Hand Drawn Look, and Distressing. All very hot right now.
  • Nobody should wear cropped pants.  They don't look good.  Note to self: throw mine away.
  • Make&Takes are filled with tons of takers.  I can't deal with fighting the crowds.  I only did one (with Cindy Tobey in the Fancy Pants booth).
  • Check out Label Tulip's photos from the day here.

That's it.  I'm too tired to think!  More coming tomorrow!