CHA: Wednesday is on Hold
CHA: Analysis and Wrap-Up

CHA: Wednesday (for real this time)

Okay, after some technical difficulties, we're back up and running.  Here is the run down for CHA Wednesday...


On Wednesday morning, I made a beeline for the Ranger booth.  Love, love, love Ranger.  They have a couple of new products, the most exciting of which is the Alcohol Ink Fillable Pen, which you can see above.


Here, you can see Tim Holtz demonstrating how to fill the pen.  Basically, you create your own Copic marker, which I think is way cool.



One of the things that I think Ranger does exceedingly well is display their products so that you understand how to use them.  In the two photos above, you can see how they provide many examples of the product in use and even step-by-step directions.  Very smart.


I thought this was a nice general view of CHA.  You can see that it's just a huge convention center filled with row after row of booths from manufacturers.


This is K&Co. paper, which I adore.  Kim thought it was ugly.


We spent about an hour at the Prima booth (again).  It was filled with so many wonderful things, including this mini album.


I thought this was such a clever idea!  One of the designers pulled apart a Prima Lollipop to make this adorable little decoration.  Of course, you can do the same thing with some scraps of fabric....


Lots more beautiful projects from the Prima booth.



The über talented Cari Fennell took our order.  Check out her blog if you get a chance.  You can us here ladling flowers and me making a goofy face to boot!


Over at the Provo Craft booth they were demonstrating their new screenprinting machine.  In the top left photo, you can see Suze Weinberg, inventor of The Melting Pot, enjoying the demo too!


I thought that the chalkboard displays in the Heidi Swapp booth were very cool.


One of my favorite products, which is not a new product, just new to me, is the Scor-It.  You can make perfect hinge folds every time! No paper cracking ever again when you make a card or a box or an envelope.  Simple to use and it takes up very little space.  Definitely a tool I plan to own!


Meet the "Purple Monster" by American Tag.  It sets eyelets, nailheads, punches holes, sets grommets -- and all with the pressure of two fingers.  It's similar to the We R Memory Keepers' Big Bite, but has a few key differences.  As you can tell, it's much more industrial looking.  It also takes less pressure and does more.  It's also more expensive.  I really liked it because it's a bit more versatile than the Big Bite (i.e. setting grommets, etc.)


I was in the Sulyn booth and there was a woman there with an Australian accent.  Her badge said, Sherry, and so I took a chance and said, "Are you the Sherry from the Kits&Pieces message board?"  And, she was!  Here's her blog.  What a random run in!  Love the serendipity of it!


Sulyn has a product called, Sparkle 21, that is truly awesome.  I'm going to try to convince either Portrait Bug or The City Quilter to carry it.  It's glitter glue (like Stickles) BUT it is *permanent* on everything!  You can put it on fabric and it's washable.  Put in on glass or plastic and it does not come off!  You can see that these shoes are covered in it and you cannot even pick it off with your fingernails!  The other nice thing is that it's a really strong glue to boot!  Notice the jewels that are attached using it.  They will not come off in the wash or anything.  Isn't that awesome?  Definitely a big product pick for me!

Okay, I will be back tomorrow with some analysis of my CHA experience, what I learned, some trend spotting, and some random ramblings about it all.

Thanks for stopping by!