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First, some good news: I had a layout I love picked up by Scrapbook Trends! Yay! Always nice to get good news like that! Now, on with the rest... For Project Fifty-Two, a layout this week. This is a hybrid layout using paper and a template from Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Paperie. The photos, patterned paper behind them, and the little strip of orange are all digital. The cardstock, blue paper, stitching, title, and journaling are all "real" supplies. But, my big thought of the day comes from my recent visit to MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) here in... Read more →

1. I love simple and smart ideas and a blogger named Carla has provided a very cool solution. As you may know, I love using a glass mat for all my exacto work. I use an old piece of glass from a picture frame and it has some dangerous edges. Carla just bought a microwave turntable for $3 to use as her glass mat! I love it! It won't cut you. it's big and sturdy. Awesome idea! 2. I found a thread over at the website A Million Memories where a woman with the username Karenika has a very cool... Read more →

Sometimes I think scrapbooking is the most narcissistic act on earth. Then again, maybe it's just me being a narcissist. I was looking through old layouts (a combination of being sick and avoiding working on an enormous project that's due tomorrow) and it got me thinking about how I've changed over a relatively short span of time. Beyond the obvious changes in artistic skill and changing product, my scrapbooks are a pretty accurate snapshot of what's been happening in my life. In this layout (circa 2005/2006), I love my job. In this layout, not so much. And then back again... Read more →

Just finished my project for the first week of Project Fifty-Two. (There's some fun stuff from other folks appearing in the flickr pool too.) This is an 8.5x11" quilt entitled "The Plan for 2009." I had some issues photographing it, so there's a weird line through the middle of it. Sorry! I have been wanting to experiment with "windows" or "transparent pockets" for a while, so I was excited to sit down and play. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but each of the white spaces is actually a transparent window holding little treasures. The quilt... Read more →

Miss Crow has a bunch of new kits for 2009! Check out her "Altered Yuletide" kit: Chock full of rich, Christmas good-ness. Here are two layouts I made with the kit... I just love the thick, deep hues in this kit (and all the glitter), don't you? As a sort of bonus, I made this sketch (which the layout above is based on). It's for the Manhattan Scrapbooker's January Sketch Challenge. Anyone is welcome to play along! And if you have time, please read this post. It really struck me. Thanks for stopping by! Read more →

First off, I am an incubus of contagion. Suffice it to say, there's a lot of phlegm and a lot of moaning. Not a totally fantastic way to start off 2009 and I hope it's not indicative of the kind of year I'm going to have... On the upside, after a lovely visit with my in-laws for the holidays, I've spent the last week at Canyon Ranch, a health and wellness resort (ironic that I got sick, eh?). Along with the expected exercise classes and lectures on nutrition, Canyon Ranch offers some basic art classes. Love that. I took a... Read more →