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Label Tulip: January 2009

Talking to Strangers

First, some good news: I had a layout I love picked up by Scrapbook Trends!  Yay!  Always nice to get good news like that!  Now, on with the rest...

For Project Fifty-Two, a layout this week.  This is a hybrid layout using paper and a template from Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Paperie.  The photos, patterned paper behind them, and the little strip of orange are all digital.  The cardstock, blue paper, stitching, title, and journaling are all "real" supplies.


But, my big thought of the day comes from my recent visit to MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) here in NYC.  I dropped in on Monday evening because I had some time to kill and stumbled into the new exhibit of Marlene Dumas' work.  I was absolutely blown away!  I happen to really like German Expressionist painting - she's not a German Expressionist - but her work is somewhat reminiscent of that style: brush strokes filled with energy, dark imagery, a sense of humor mixed with seedy reality, offbeat portraiture, etc..  I really liked it.  I want to go back and see it a few more times.

MoMA has this really cool thing where you can listen to audio about some of the work on your cell phone!  There was a large collage in the exhibit, called "Don't Talk to Strangers."  I listened to the audio, which was Marlene Dumas talking about that phrase, and was struck by what she said.  I'm going to paraphrase, but essentially she said that she and a boyfriend were arguing in a cafe when the waiter came by.  She started to explain the argument to the waiter and her boyfriend chided her for always talking to strangers about everything.  And she countered with the thought that what she does as an artist *is* just that.  She takes creates something private and personal (her art) and then shows it to strangers. 


Isn't that what sharing our scrapbook pages is?  What blogging is?  What Facebook is?

I'm not quite sure what to do with these thoughts.  Or even that I need to do anything with these thoughts.  It's all kind of rattling in my brain.  Something about the nature of art and the intersection of craft and art and where scrapbooking fits in all that.  What do you think?