Label Tulip: January 2009
Time and Creativity

Today is Tuesday

Yep.  Today is Tuesday.  And I'm *still* sick.  Sigh.  Here's a quick run down of some crafty stuff to share...

1. Had a layout picked up yesterday by Memory Makers Magazine.  It's a digi layout.  I'm having more luck getting my digi stuff picked up than my paper stuff, but that's a conversation for a later post.

2. I've been working on a quilt for the last few weeks.  It's getting close to being done.  It has been a while since I've worked on a larger piece.  Most of my quilt-y projects have been small - like 8.5x11 and this is a much larger piece.  I'm finding it quite satisfying! Here's a little sneaky peek...


3.  I got a great belated Christmas present from Kim, the owner of Portrait Bug.  She gave me a glass mat!  As you know, I am a total cheapskate and have been using a broken piece of glass from a picture frame for the last two years.  I'm totally excited and I even used it today!  This makes me so happy!

4. Project Fifty-Two is going strong with awesome new eye candy showing up in the flickr pool every day!  This week's project is a variation of a vision board.  Basically, a vision board is a visual representation of what you want - goals and such.  My friend Kimberly and I worked on our boards together and decided that we'd rather not think about what we see for ourselves, but concentrate on the here and now.  She did a "happy board" - all about things that make her happy.  I did a board about who I am and the things that are important to me - kind of a reminder.  So, here it is...


I'm not 100% sure if it's finished for real, but it's definitely finished for now.  This is where I am in my life, right now.

5. I did a scrap-for-hire project today.  It's so interesting to work on something that is not your natural style.  The client wanted something that wasn't "crafty."  And, "crafty" is kind of my middle name.  But, I managed to pull together a very cute, very pink, very polished project for her.  I'm pleased, but when I look at it, it just doesn't have "me" on the page.  Which I suppose is a good thing when it's for someone else.

Thanks for stopping by!