CHA: Analysis and Wrap-Up
Introducing Right at Home Scrapbooking!


1. This made me smile today...

2. Here's a fun little accordion album I made at a crop a week or two ago. Lots of family photos from Christmas (thus the red/green theme). 


3. This is a cool tutorial on making tiny little notepads out of matchbooks.

4. My recent classes at The City Quilter were *amazing* and filled with wonderful women who have such cool stories to tell.  One of my students, Sandy, made this very cool origami photo cube as part of Project Fifty-Two.  She was kind enough to bring it to class so that I could see, and I thought I'd share it here so that everyone could see it!


5. I live on the wrong coast.  I found this job listing on Adrienne Looman's blog:

I just wanted to post this really quick before I forget again lol ;)

If you live in southern California (near Chino to be more precise) and have ever wanted to design products, Prima Marketing ( is looking for in-house designers!

This is a really great employment opportunity for those of you looking to do what you love for a living! However, there are a few requirements you *must* be able to meet:

1. Must have great knowledge/experience using Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop (elements or higher).

2. You must be able to work in the office from 8:30am-5:30pm in Chino, CA

If interested please send your portfolio and resume to Tami Indra:

hugs, Adrienne

Talk about a dream gig!  If you're lucky enough to live around Chino, you should apply!  My only consolation is that there's no way I would ever be able to make it to a job that started at 8:30am.  LOL!

6. I'm developing a class using grungeboard and so I made these awesome grungeboard flowers today:


They were inspired by these ones that I saw at CHA:


I'm not sure how they made theirs, but I'm thrilled with the way mine turned out!  I'm so looking forward to the class all coming together!

7. Finally, Cheryl, Emily and Sandi from the Manhattan Meetup, are featured in this month's issue of Scrapbooks Etc.  Look for them in the back of the magazine wearing their "Scrap Pink" t-shirts.  It's an adorable photo!

Thanks for stopping by!