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Packing For a Crop

Right now I'm supposed to be packing to go and crop for four days at this event.  And I'm procrastinating by writing this post about what I'm packing.  Indulge me, please?

Now that I regularly go to crops with the Manhattan Scrapbookers, I have my packing down to a science.  Much like organizing your crafty space and supplies, there are no rules that work for everyone.  You have to do it the way your brain works.  Here are three things I know about the way I create:

  1. I'll use it if I can see it.
  2. I like using paint and ink on everything.
  3. I print photos as I go.

I'm sure you have several certainties about the way you create too.  Here's how I use mine to help me pack:

1. I'll use it if I can see it.

Therefore, I pack for setup.  What does that mean?  For me, it's not enough to just pack the supply.  I need to pack it in such a way that it unpacks usefully. For example, here is a desk organizer.  I place this organizer, exactly like this, into my crop bag and go.


When I open my bag and unpack, there's virtually no set up.  Everything comes out in containers that sit on the table as packed.  This makes it fast and easy to sit down and get to work! 

2. I like using paint and ink on everything.

But paint can be very messy away from a sink.  So, I know that I have to bring the following:

  • Teflon Sheet: to protect my work surface
  • Rag: to clean up messes fast (and so much greener than a roll of paper towel)
  • Spray Bottle of Water: this is a quick way to add water (in a controlled fashion)
  • Water Brushes: This way I don't need an open container full of water on my table (that's an accident waiting to happen)

And then of course, I bring all the paints and inks!

3. I print photos as I go.

I used to try to pre-print my photos before a crop, but I felt very uninspired when I sat down to scrap.  So, now I pack my laptop and my photo printer (Epson PictureMate).  I make sure to carry extra paper, extra ink, an extension cord, and a power strip.  Admittedly, it's a bit of a pain in the behind to drag all that technology around, but I can't scrap any other way.  So, I just put together a technology tote bag - throw it all in and go!

Other than that, I pack the usual stuff: cardstock, paper, trimmer, etc.  In general, as long as I've got my basic tools and numbers 1,2, and 3 covered, I'm a-okay.

I found these links where other people discuss packing for a crop:

  • from Organized Scrapbooking: This article is from 2004, but I think it's truly excellent.  Really gives some good advice for thinking about packing.  And how to limit your packing.
  • from Memory Workshop: This is a site that hosts crops.  I really like the breakdown they provide for creating page kits. 
  • from Croppin Corner: The focus of this article is on getting organized to crop.  The author takes you from sketch through sorting photos and so on.
  • from Dream Events: This is a site that hosts crops (in fact, the crop I'm going to) and much of the advice is specific to that particular type of event, but I think it's smart and up to date.  And for anyone who has never been to a large weekend crop, it's a good primer on what you can expect.

How about you?  Any tips for packing for a crop?