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Project Fifty-Two: Playing Catch Up

Whew.  Trying to grab a moment to catch my breath and play catch up!  I'm keeping up with Project Fifty-Two (just barely - how about you?) and I wanted to share the last few things I've made (and don't forget to check out the excellently cool stuff from the flickr group) for the project....

Week Five (January 29 - February 4)
This is a digital layout using this kit by Miss Crow.  I spent a quick two days in San Francisco to see my grandmother, but we escaped the nursing home for a few hours to walk along the cliffs.


Week Six (February 5 - February 11)
I posted this quilt as part of my blog post about making samples for Quilting Arts TV.  During this week I had a spectacular fight with my Father and worked out my feelings in this quilt about the two of us.


Week Seven (February 12 - February 18)
I've already shown this off and even did a tutorial on it.  This was Valentine's Day week.  Me and the hubs.  Need I say more?


And finally, this week: Week Eight (February 19 - February 25)
I printed out a photograph of my glammed up self and just wrote a few lines to remember the moment.


Remember, this is supposed to be as unstressful as possible.  Just create something about what's going on this week for you.  Take a photo.  Write a few lines of thought.  Or create something elaborate.  It's totally up to you!

And please do check out the flickr group.  The projects that people are sharing are beautiful, emotional, cool, clever, funny, and just generally amazing!

I'm heading off to four days of cropping in New Jersey!  I'll try to blog from the road, but if not, see you on Monday!

Thanks for stopping by!