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Valentine's Day Tutorial: Tuesday

Valentine's Day Tutorial: Monday

I'm not an enormous fan of Valentine's Day.  Don't get me wrong, I sure like to get a present, but it does feel a bit arbitrary.  Perhaps that's why I like to make my valentines rather than buy them.  I think that there's something about taking the time to make a valentine or a Valentine's Day related project that really expresses the true emotion of the day.  So, counting down to Valentine's Day (Saturday), I'll have a little tutorial of some kind on the blog every day.  Today, we're making a super simple card.

Supplies (most of these supplies are from the February Label Tulip kit):

STEP ONE: Create Your Stencil

Draw a collection of six hearts on a piece of white cardstock.  Using your craft knife, cut out the hearts. 


Now you have your stencil.

STEP TWO: Create Your Background

Starting from a gentle middle distance, spray a light coating of the Glimmer Mist onto the Collage Press Journaling Card, through the stencil. 


Let it dry.  Once dry, adhere it to your card blank.

STEP THREE: Add Your Heart

Cut a heart from a scrap of patterned paper.  Decorate it using your Zig 2-way glue pen and then immediately cover it in glitter.  Shake off the excess glitter. 


Adhere it to your card using foam adhesive.

STEP FOUR: Create Your Felt Circles

Cut five circles of varying sizes from the felt.  Using a Sakura Pigma Micron, "inline" the circles. 


Adhere the circles to your card, being sure to go over the edges of the Journaling Card.

STEP FIVE: Add Your Sentiment

Using your Sakura Pigma Micron, write in your sentiment. 


And you're done! Here's the finished card:


Also, if you like quilts at all, please take a moment to check out these photos from the Tokyo International Quilt Festival. 

And I'm definitely loving this cool new way of making felted pieces.  They have some awesome looking kits.

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